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This is a prestigious educational establishment in the city of Quirm, offering a liberal arts education to young girls of good family and genteel background. It appears as a location in the Terry Pratchett novel Soul Music. 

Alumnae in the Canon include Lady Sybil Ramkin and Susan Sto Helit. 

Alumnae in fanfic include Assassins Joan Sanderson-Reeves (who returned to teach there for some years). Gillian Lansbury , Davinia Bellamy, and Miss Alice Band

Veteran spinsters Miss Butts and Miss Delcross, who founded and run the School, are perceived as two genteel older ladies who voluntarily sacrificed marriage and motherhood to the higher calling of Education. Therefore nobody thinks there's anything, er, queer , about their living together, and the fact they share a bed at night is put down to comfort, companionship and expediency. Alice Band has her own ideas about this.