A former soldier and one who survived enlistment into one of Lord Rust's regiments (despite the odds) , Peter Bellamy took a Watch position in the civic guard of Brindisi. One day, when policing a demonstration by pesky student radicals from the local university and ordered to present halberds in a meaningful way, Peter was disconcerted when pretty student girls walked up and smiled at them and placed garlands of flowers over their halberd points. Confused at this unprecedented tactic, and realising it made a show of strength look somewhat ridiculous - and how can you stab a pretty girl who's just smiled at you and given you flowers? - the Civil Guard retreated in disarray.

Peter sought out the bespectacled blonde girl who had slipped flowers over his spearpoint. And married her.

Returning to Ankh-Morpork with her, he got a job as a prison officer at the Tanty. Davinia opened a floristry business and it did well enough to enable them to buy a house in a smart part of Ankh - at a suspiciously cheap price - enabling them to start a family. At the "present" in the unfolding tale they have three sons. Following events related in the story Murder Most 'Orrible, Peter found himself, to his surprise, elevated to the rank of Deputy Governor.

He now only has to worry about Dame Amorine Maccalariat, his demanding superior, and the fact his house is used as an informal staffroom by female teachers from the Assassins' Guild School.