Max boyce


In the Canon:-=== Max Boyce is an unnaccountably popular entertainer in Wales. Coming from the South Wales Valleys, he embodies Wales, but a South Wales with all the knobs turned up to eleven. While he has no referents in the oficial Discworld canon, and the characterisation is all Pessimal's, it was felt that he needed a place in Llamedos for this very reason alone.

In Pessimal's Discworld:-Edit

The mighty College of Fools and Joculators in Ankh-Morpork has its tentacles firmly in all areas of (un)popular entetrainment the Disc over. As in Uberwald and Quirm, it maintains a School in the Llamedosian capital city of Pant-Y-Girdl where it is sensitive to local cultural variations.

Here, it turns out a kind of ritual jester called a macsboes, who are recognisable by their strange capering, curly hair, garish red and green motely, and above all by the seven-foot inflatable daffodil (for a macsboes of the Inner Order) or the inflateable leek (issued to a macsboes of the second rank) used in much the same way a conventional Central Continent jester will use a bladder on a stick. The daffodil or leek is the sought-after and coveted badge of office for the macsboes, and is ceremonially issued after passing out from seven years of gruelling training. The ritual chant by which they may be discreetly avoided begins

Oggi, oggi oggi!

Other Llamedosians are kind and considerate to them. It is regarded as bad luck not to laugh and be appreciative at a macsboes ritual performance.

Expatriot Llamedosian comunities, as in Ankh-Morpork, are actually quite glad and appreciative of them, and Llamedos' Army regiments ususally have one or two on the strength as assistants to the Chaplain.


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