Life is an inhabitant of the Antidisc who appears at people's births,he is usually pictured as a skeleton wearing a white robe and carrying a staff with a seed scattering device on it.While the nickname of his discworld counterpart is the reaper man Life(or antideath) is known as the sower man.He rides upon a horse known as Black Binky,so named because of its pure black coat.

How life operatesEdit

In lifes domain there are a large number of hourglasses known as deathtimers,they begin flowing backwards in time at the moment of a person's death and when the top hourglass is full Life appears and waves his seed sower to make the birth happen.This backwards progression of time may seem a little confusing to humans but this is only because our brain lacks the forth dimmensional lobe,a section which scientists have proven is vital for understanding time travel technobabble.