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In Pratchett's Discworld, he appears in Guards! Guards! claiming to be an adventurer and balgrog-hunter. In Moving Pictures, Dibbler also does the clicks about Howondaland Smith, Balgrog-Hunter, (starring Victor Marischino in the title role) which did a lot for fundraising and publicity.

In Pessimal's Discworld:

He is in reality a confidence-trickster, occasionally, for instance, fund-raising for an expedition to Deepest Howondaland to capture the famed fifty-foot gorilla. In reality, he ups and dissappears to Genua for as long as it takes to spend the money, sending occassional "despatches" back to prove he was in Howondaland the whole time.

While it is true that he is from Howandaland, his full name is Balthazar "Howondaland" Smith-Rhodes.

This lasted until the family found him and concerned relatives invited him to at least consider dropping the "Rhodes" bit, as it was dragging the family name through the mud. This request was initially delivered by a qualified attack lawyer working for Mr Slant, suitably directed by the affluent and prestigious end of the Smith-Rhodes family. As the relative in question was a licenced Assassin whose lips had pursed to the point of invisibility, he very quickly saw the wisdom of this.

This did not stop him turning up at the Assassins' Guild and tapping his niece for a hundred dollars. He is also not above strategically embarrassing his brother-in-law, the Howondalandian Ambassador, for a sub.