In the Canon:- Edit

Terry Pratchett has used Red Indians in the Discworld and even said .Howandaland is the place where they may be found. With the exception of two named characters, all Indians referenced here are the imaginative work of myself, writing under the pen-name of A.A Pessimal and the stories featuring them may be found at FanFiction.

Chief er, Squatting, Bull Edit

The chief of the Latoka Sioux is the victim of his people's literal-mindedness concerning the naming of children, as the first thing his mother saw when she looked out of the tepee after he was born was a bull bison, depositing a goodly amount of kemosabie onto the prairie. Kind friends soften his name to Squatting Bull. however, the strict-rule Crazy Horse insists there can be no mucking around with God-given names lest it offend the Gods. His personal spiritual advisor, the medicine man Dancing Weasel, agrees. Bull suspects that in this case, a certain lese-majestie applies. But to both, indeed to the wider Indian world, he is Shitting Bull, or the Bullshitter.

The only way to replace it with something better is by leading a mighty victory over the enemy....

This was his finest hour: Rincewind Among The Redskins.