Danni pouter

As per clues in Canon, Daniellerina is based on roundworld conceptual artiste Tracey Emin. She could be Tracey's Discworld doppelganger.

Artist and enfant terrible

In the CanonEdit

Daniellerina Pouter is the daughter of an eminent, but conventional, artist and has very firm ideas as to the direction Art should take in this Century of the Wombat.  Her ideas have aroused the interest of Lord Vetinari, whose views on modern abstract art are of a piece with his opinion of mime artists. So far she has been nailed to her own work facing a poster that reads Learn to Draw. Her work, however, is hugely influential and changes hands for lots of dollars.

In the Pessimal Discworld

She is a contemporary of the far less successful Gillian Lansbury, who can barely sell a thing. .The two are friends and shared a studio.  She performed pioneering plastic surgery on a female Golem using only modelling clay and an anatomy book. and was responsible for the commemorative statue at the Assassins' Guild celebrating the unique inhumation carried out by Pteppicymon XXVIII of Djelibeybi. It is possible the Assassins will eventually forgive her for this. 

Described as not unattractive, but with a cast to her face suggesting a bulldog drinking lemon juice off a patch of nettles, she is vocal in defence of her Art and a member of the ladies' set who have their hair done by Conina Harebut-Cohensdaughter.