Not existing in canon outside a few vague references to a small obscure religion that patronises kosher butchers and has the secret of making golems, Cenotia was developed for this fanon as a small country populated by people with a big attitude. It is in the top right-hand corner of Klatch on the Circle Sea, bordered by places like Ephebe, Istanzia, Omnia and of course Klatch.

Its people are returning from diaspora forced on them by centuries of Omnian occupation, and are forging a new nation. At the last count they have fought a Seven-Days' War, a Six-Days' War, and a Five-Days' War with Klatch. The Cenotians boast that now they've had practice, they can get it down to four days next time. Klatch is not currently disposed to fighting an all-out war with their small pugnacious neighbour but inflames the odd border dispute, largely over the contested Golem Heights which they view as, er, an Occupied Territory.

Rivka ben-Divorah is a typical Cenotian. As is Yenta Goldberg. And the Men from the Institute, Gideon and Benjamin.