The Brindisian national flag. The coat of arms of the Doge (right) on the central white band is optional. Note the new revolutionary feature for Brindisian Army use, where the red and green bands may be peeled off in seconds, this providing a labour-saving device for our proud Army!


The Terry Pratchett Discworld's equivalent of Italy and referent for all things Italian, with all the knobs turned up way past eleven.

In the Pessimal Discworld:-Edit

A language not unlike Italian is spoken. Its army dresses in splendid plumed uniforms and is prone to immediate surrender within the first few minutes of every war. (However, the "private armies" run by mercenaries called condottieri are actually quite a formidable proposition) Lots of pasta is consumed, fine wine brewed, and opera listened to. The country is run by a corrupt dictator called Il Doge, who at least makes the coaches run on time. The country works on a leisurely principle of "what could be done today is best left till tomorrow" - domani, for short.